Data, Research & Accountability
Assessment, Research and Accountability Department

The MISSION of the District Data, Research and Accountability Office:

The Mission of the Department of Data, Research and Accountability is to enhance the quality of educational decisions by providing accurate and timely data and analysis that support continuous improvement of student learning and achievement.

  • Provide accurate, timely student data that will be used to inform curriculum development and instructional practices.
  • Provide professional development that will build organizational capacity to apply information appropriately and productively in specific contexts, including the student, classroom, grade/department, building and district levels.

PHILOSOPHY OF ASSESSMENT in the Mequon-Thiensville School District:

In the Mequon-Thiensville School District, assessment of academic performance is used to evaluate the needs and progress of students, assess programming effectiveness, and ensure data-driven decision-making throughout the organization.

Assessment is used to:

  • Determine what students already know and need to learn
  • Measure growth in individual student achievement/progress
  • Inform instruction to address identified student needs
  • Determine subgroups of students in order to assign appropriate intervention and enrichment opportunities; providing descriptive, diagnostic feedback that enhances student learning
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of curriculum, instruction, and programming at the classroom, grade level, school, and district levels

Why We Support Student Participation in Standardized Assessments:

The Mequon-Thiensville School District is committed to maximizing the academic achievement and personal growth of each student. Our schools and our educators ensure that we are achieving that important objective by observing how students are progressing in critical areas including higher-level thinking, communication, reasoning, problem solving, and application of knowledge and skills in new situations. Student knowledge, skills, and abilities are measured through a variety of methods in classrooms in order to develop an understanding of each student’s unique strengths and opportunities for growth. As an additional assessment tool, all Wisconsin public school students in grades 3-8 participate in the Wisconsin Forward Exam, our state’s assessment of student achievement in the core subject areas of English, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Benefits of Annual State Assessments Include:

  • Each student’s state assessment performance provides parents and students with a profile of the student’s strengths and weaknesses in each subject area tested.
  • Parents and students can see student growth from year to year.
  • Educators use assessment data to observe student performance in the core subject areas, as well as observe any performance gaps among demographic groups, and use this information toward continual improvement.
  • Assessment results allow us to benchmark and analyze student achievement in our district as compared to the achievement of students in other district schools, across the state, and across the nation.


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