Board Policy

Policy is defined as principles and rules adopted by the Board of Education to direct the development and implementation of educational programs and/or management of the school district.

The Board of Education tackled the extensive process of updating District policy during the 2004-2005 school year.  It was primarily handled with the entire Board of Education editing, reviewing and participating.  Since that time, the Board relied on Neola, a professional educational policy provider, to provide periodic legal and statutory updates.

In 2012-13, the Board of Education approved the creation of its first standing committee.  The newly created Policy Committee would allow the Board a greater opportunity to analyze, refine and propose updated policy for the entire board’s consideration in a meaningful and efficient manner. That committee has undertaken an intensive three year review of all MTSD policy.

The purpose of the Policy Committee is to oversee and review existing board policies, recommend new policies and suggest any revisions to existing board policies. This is in support of Strategic Plan Goal #2: Achieve more effective decision making through improved systems and processes.

The committee consists of three voting board members and the Superintendent of Schools, who serves as an advisor to the committee. The Policy Committee may meet with the appropriate administrative staff impacted by the proposed policy. The decisions of the Policy Committee are reported to the entire board in writing at regular or special business meetings.

Policy Committee meetings are open to the public, but like a working board meeting, public comment is not taken at the committee meeting.

The committee meets on at least a monthly basis, although members may adopt a more frequent meeting schedule if necessary and typically have done so. Membership of the committee is one year in duration. The Board of Education President presents a slate of the committee members for Board approval, typically in June.

Policies will follow a standard cycle:

Year 1 Sections 0000 - Bylaws; 1000 - Administration; 5000 - Students

Year 2 Sections 6000 - Finances; 7000 - Property; 8000 - Operations

Year 3 Sections 2000 - Program; 3000 - Staff; 9000 - Relations

The 2015-2016 School Year will follow a Year 1 cyle of review.

Policies are presented for consideration at Board meetings for a minimum of two and maximum of three readings. 
The Board will provide feedback at each Reading which the Committee will use to further develop the policy.

The Board has the right to approve policy after one reading in situations requiring expedited status or simply to approve format changes.

Committee Members
Board Members Kathryn Houpt and Cindy Werner
Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Demond Means

Term: July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016


See Policies 189 and 131.1 for further information regarding the committee and policy process. 


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