Mequon-Thiensville School District

Community Leadership

Through public advocacy and community engagement, school boards share their concerns, positions and actions with the public. Community leadership that builds public support is critical to effectively implementing the board’s vision. The board recognizes the impact of public education on the community and understands how strong connections mean everyone is invested in ensuring the success of all students.

The board maintains and updates a legislative platform that supports the organization's mission and vision. The platform is arranged by topics or issues with stated priorities to focus collaboration efforts with local and regional community members and policymakers. The platform articulates the district’s interests in improving student outcomes and the long-term sustainability of high-quality public education. The board’s legislative platform is accessible to the public in the online system BoardDocs.

How are legislative topics developed?

The legislative committee, a standing committee of the board of education, actively assesses, monitors, and advocates for the district and public education on key legislative and regulatory issues.

The legislative committee consists of three board members and the superintendent of schools, who serves as an adviser to the committee. The decisions of the legislative committee are reported to the entire board in writing at regular or special business meetings.

Legislative committee meetings are open to the public, but like a working board meeting, public comment is not taken at the committee meeting.

The committee meets once monthly, although members may adopt a more frequent meeting schedule if necessary, and typically have done so. Membership of the committee is one year in duration. The board president presents a slate of the committee members for board approval, typically in June.

Who serves on the legislative committee?

Legislative Committee Members
Board Member Shelley Burns
Board Member Akram Khan
Board Member John Daniels III

Term July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

When does the legislative committee meet?

Please use the online system BoardDocs to review upcoming board meeting schedules, which includes meetings of the legislative committee.

Board Meeting Schedule

See Policies 131.1 and 0155 for further information regarding the board committee process.