Mequon-Thiensville School District


The Mequon-Thiensville Board of Education provides oversight that enables the public education system to successfully achieve the ideals and goals set out in the strategic plan. The board uses a governance model to achieve the strategic goals of the organization. Governance is the process of providing strategic leadership to a school district by executing the following functions:

• Setting a strategic vision
• Revising, reviewing and developing policy
• Reviewing and approving a budget that is aligned with the strategic plan
• Overseeing and monitoring organizational performance, recruiting, hiring and evaluating the superintendent
• Ensuring overall accountability within the school district

The Board ensures that all its members have the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to carry out excellence in governance by training new members and candidates, as well as maintaining and increasing current member skills and knowledge. The board engages in external monitoring in order to exercise confident control over organizational performance.

What does it mean to operate under policy governance?

For a public that may be more familiar with municipal forms of government that manage the day-to-day operations of the organization, school board roles can often be confusing. Simply put, school boards govern rather than manage, appointing a superintendent to oversee and manage district operations. For the Mequon-Thiensville School District, that means following a governance model of leadership that has the administration operating the schools according to the policies and goals set forth by the school board.

What are the roles of stakeholder groups?


Primary educator of the child (parents)
Elect school board members on educational issues
Vote on levy requests


Hiring, supervision and appraisal for one employee: the superintendent
Development of policies that govern schools and creation of district's mission, vision and guiding principles
Engagement with the public
Approval of budgets


Management and operation of school district through implementation of board policies


Create school-based plans that align with the district’s operational plans and vision
Support for the superintendent
Implementation of policies and procedures


Educate students
Support for superintendent, principals and administrators
Implementation of policies and procedures
The MTSD Board of Education governs through policies and budgets.

The Board of Education has and maintains a unified voice after board action.

The Board of Education operates as a committee of the whole with no individual member authority.

The Board of Education is accountable to all residents and students.