Mequon-Thiensville School District

Buildings & Grounds

Creating a safe environment conducive to learning

Good building environments result in greater learning potential. Studies have linked the impact of school building conditions to student productivity and performance. Higher test scores can result when students are taught in an environment free of excessive noise, with proper indoor air quality, appropriate lighting levels, and comfortable thermal conditions. The Buildings and Grounds Department is committed to providing a safe, secure, comfortable, functional, and attractive environment for teaching and learning to take place. Personal health and daily attendance of our students and staff are critical to creating an environment conducive to learning. This starts with the cleanliness of our facilities. The district contracts with a local Mequon firm, for both school year as well as detailed annual summer cleaning. Facility Coordinators monitor each building daily to ensure all contractual cleaning responsibilities are being met.

There are 14 employees in the Building and Grounds department supervised by a full-time Buildings and Grounds Director. The department is responsible for a wide range of facility services, including the day-to-day operation and maintenance for seven (7) buildings, over 918,833 sq. ft., and 180 acres of grounds. We demonstrate a commitment to "better facilities, equals better education.”

In conjunction with ensuring our mission of creating environments conducive to teaching and learning, we are also mindful of the community. We are trusted to ensure the taxpayer funds are used efficiently while providing a good return on each investment. We will, without losing focus on the students, maintain a business approach that meets with the most respected business practices.

Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson
Director of Maintenance & Operations



Nicole Maas

Nicole Maas
Buildings & Grounds Office Manager