Mequon-Thiensville School District

School Resource Officer

The purpose of school resource officers is to provide support and resources for school-aged children throughout the community. In this capacity, resource officers serve as educators, informal counselors, and law enforcers.

School resource officers seek to achieve the following:

  • Foster positive relationships between law enforcement and school-aged children.
  • Provide valuable resources to school staff members in order to maintain safe environments.
  • Support and facilitate the educational process by building and establishing meaningful relationships with students and staff and proactively interacting with the school community to ensure the enforcement of City and State laws, preservation of public order, protection of life and the prevention, detection, or investigation of crime.

An agreement among the City of Mequon, Village of Thiensville, and MTSD incorporates funding from all three partners for the two officers. Both officers support district schools, along with other schools in the community.