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Homebound Instruction & Virtual Learning

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Mequon-Thiensville School District (MTSD) recognizes that throughout the 2021-2022 school year, some students may be placed into quarantine due to testing positive for COVID-19 or being identified as a close contact. To ensure that MTSD continues to provide a high-quality instructional experience for quarantined students, the following guidelines will be implemented at the elementary and secondary levels. The guidelines below will apply to students who are being quarantined by MTSD and are not applicable for any other student non-attendance scenarios (e.g., vacation, college visits, non-COVID-19 related illness causing the student to miss fewer than 3 days of school).

If a student develops a non-COVID-19 illness and is unable to attend school, the student’s classroom teacher will provide learning resources via Canvas for days school is in session. If the non-COVID-19 related absence lasts more than 3 days and a doctor’s note has been provided to the school office, the guidelines on this page will be followed.

Homebound Instruction Requirement

During the 2021-2022 school year, the Mequon-Thiensville School District will work with families that require Homebound Instruction to access a virtual learning experience. Families who are pre-approved for virtual learning through the Homebound Instruction application process will then be contacted by the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services to complete the next steps in the virtual learning process.

General Procedures for Quarantined Students

  • Classroom teachers will be notified within 24 hours when a student has been placed into a COVID-19 quarantine.
  • Classroom teachers will ensure all relevant classroom materials will be posted in Canvas prior to the start of the next school day so that the quarantined student will have access to lesson materials.
  • The classroom teacher will work with quarantined students and their families to establish reasonable, appropriate due dates for class work and assessments and to ensure the student is understanding the learning material. Students’ grades will not be penalized as a result of their quarantined status.
  • Teachers will NOT provide non-quarantined or students who are ill for 3 or fewer days access to lesson Zoom links.
  • The development of lessons for a dual learning format (in-person & Zoom) often results in a diminished learning experience in both formats. MTSD is focused on providing the highest quality in-person learning experience possible and will maintain that focus during the 2021-2022 school year. Thus, teachers will NOT create engagement opportunities for quarantined students via Zoom.

Specific Guidelines by Grade Level