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ESSER III Funding Plan

Update: ESSER III Approved

On May 5, 2022, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) announced that the state plan for ESSER III funds has been fully approved by the US Department of Education. Our district’s final total ESSER III amount is $2,937,259. There are three categories of funding under ESSER III for our district.

Title I Allocation

As required, DPI calculated ESSER III allocations to school districts using 2020-21 Every Student Succeeds Act, Title I, Part A formula, which is based on the number and percentage of children from low-income families. While the Title I calculation was used, Title I spending requirements do not apply to ESSER III. MTSD’s Title I portion was made available in March 2022. The final amount is $607,387. 

Additional Funding to Raise to $578 Per Pupil for EBIS (Evidence-Based Intervention Systems)

In the state of Wisconsin, there were approximately 172 districts that did not receive $578 per pupil in their title allocation, MTSD being one of them. In an effort to provide additional funding to these districts, the state plan submitted to the US Department of Education included additional funding for these districts to attain the $578 per pupil level. The final amount is $1,431,219. 

Funding Based on In-Person Instruction

Districts that received less than $400 per pupil from the initial ESSER III allocations and that reported providing in-person instruction for at least 50% of the 2020-21 school year. MTSD easily exceeded the 50% benchmark, qualifying us for these funds. The final amount is $898,653.

This page contains all the components of the Mequon-Thiensville School District's ESSER III Funding Plan and information on how the MTSD is providing safe and effective in-person instruction and continuity of services for all.


2021-22 Spending Breakdown: $1,187,525

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Gathering stakeholder feedback is an important part of our ESSER III planning process. Please use the form below to share any questions, comments, or concerns you may have about MTSD's ESSER III and Use of Funds Plan.

Plan Components


Stakeholder Engagement

What has happened to date?

  • Board of Education approved 21-24 Strategic Plan in March 2021
  • 21-24 Strategic Plan communicated to staff and families in the April 2021 Momentum newsletter
  • Administration received Board review of Academic Recovery Plan and Board approval of COVID-19 Mitigation Levels in August 2021
  • Developed, reviewed and shared Academic Recovery Plan and MTSD Operating Plan with stakeholders via newsletter and on district website in August 2021
  • Sent September Family Survey to families and shared feedback results via district newsletter and on district website
  • The 2022-2023 Academic Recovery Plan is currently underway. Scorecard updates are periodically communicated via MTSD staff and family newsletters and posted here.

Plan Contact

Sarah Viera
Executive Director of Business Services