Mequon-Thiensville School District

Strategic Planning

The Mequon-Thiensville School District is guided by a strategic plan that unifies our efforts across our school district and its six schools. From beginning through graduation, our student experiences are consistent, measurable, and focused on academic excellence.

We maintain our status as a leader in education by grounding decision-making in strategic planning. The strategic planning process engages all stakeholders including parents, teachers, staff, students administrators, board members and community residents. The involvement and influence of a range of stakeholders results in a strategic framework for decision-making that builds upon common values held by the entire community.

Organization Goals Identified in MTSD’s Strategic Plan (2015-2018)

Goal #1: Maximize the academic achievement and personal growth of each Mequon-Thiensville student.

Objective A. Guarantee a rigorous PK- 12 curriculum that equips all students to achieve college and career goals.

Objective B. Guarantee a comprehensive and innovative PK-12 program that meets students’ diverse needs and interests.

Objective C. Guarantee delivery of high quality instruction to ensure the college and career readiness of all students.

Objective D. Ensure the cultivation of a positive school environment in order to foster positive social, emotional and mental health for all students.

Objective E. Enhance student support programming that maximizes intellectual and social-emotional growth for all students through differentiated instruction.

Objective F. Build student engagement through inquiry, collaboration and participation in the school community

Goal #2: Maximize operational effectiveness of organizational systems and processes.

Objective A. Systemize the collection and analysis of multifaceted data to create greater accountability in the organization.

Objective B. Execute the district Theory of Action in a systematic manner.

Objective C. Regularly solicit stakeholder input through professional discourse.

Objective D. Align program, classroom and student outcomes to ensure accountability at all levels of the school district.

Objective E. Consistently execute efficient systems thinking and decision-making processes to ensure organizational excellence.

Goal #3: Ensure fiscal stability and appropriate resources for programming and facilities.

Objective A. Prioritize the allocation of district resources in alignment with the strategic goals and maintenance of optimal institutional fiscal health.

Objective B. Effectively manage district resources to ensure the quality, safety and most efficient use of district facilities.

Objective C. Evaluate and adopt initiatives that have the potential to increase student enrollment while supporting sound educational principles throughout the District.

Objective D. Secure additional sources of revenue.

Objective E. Ensure ongoing communication of the District’s fiscal condition through proactive reporting to all stakeholders.

Goal #4: Ensure a climate and culture to sustain excellence.

Objective A. Reinforce a culture of exemplary performance from employees through relevant professional development.

Objective B. Promote a positive, safe, and engaging environment conducive to high quality instructional practices and exemplary professional practice.

Objective C. Cultivate and establish productive and collaborative employee relationships through opportunities for advancement, leadership and/or professional discourse.

Objective D. Acknowledge and promote awareness of District accomplishments through targeted communication and recognition of student achievement.

Objective E. Attract, develop and retain high performing staff.

Looking Forward

We launched a strategic planning process on the fall of 2017 with an end goal to establish the District’s 2018-2021 strategic plan. As part of the planning process, we engaged stakeholders from every corner of our community, including parents, students, staff members, community members and leaders, with the request that they share their perspective. This current strategic planning process is being facilitated by the district’s strategic planning partner Brett Remington of Blue Rock WI. Once the process is complete, the Mequon-Thiensville School District will have a strong sense of direction as it approaches the next three years. We look forward to sharing our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan with the community!