Mequon-Thiensville School District

Strategic Plan 2018-2021

The process of developing a new strategic plan provides the opportunity to determine where we are (our current state), come to consensus on where we want to go (our future state), and map the steps required to navigate that journey.

In October 2017, the Mequon-Thiensville School District Board of Education unanimously approved Mr. Brett Remington of Blue Rock WI to facilitate the development of the District’s 2018-2021 strategic plan. A district strategic team was developed to work directly with the superintendent and Mr. Remington throughout the process. The team is made up of about 25 members and includes representatives from key stakeholder groups that have a vested interest in the success of the organization, including:

  • District Executive Directors
  • Building Administrators
  • Faculty Members
  • Support Staff
  • Parents of School-Aged Children (4K-12)
  • Community Members
  • Members of the Mequon and Thiensville area business community
  • Representative(s) from Higher Education

In addition to work with the district strategic team, Mr. Remington engaged formally with the school board by providing updates each month and facilitating work sessions at working board meetings.

The strategic planning process included numerous activities that generated data to inform our understanding of our current state and preferred future state. Key inputs to the process included:

  • Twenty listening sessions with over 200 participants
  • A web-based stakeholder survey that generated over 900 responses in 75 days
  • A comprehensive review of District performance data
  • A “Community Convening” (PESTLE Analysis) at which about 70 stakeholders identified factors that may impact or influence the District’s future
  • An organizational gap analysis to determine important areas where outcomes lagged expectations

In sum, the strategic planning process provided numerous opportunities for stakeholders, including students, parents of current and past students, staff members, alumni, post-secondary school representatives, and local business leaders, to provide insight and feedback into our current state and preferred future state. The district strategic team then reviewed, sought to understand, categorized and aggregated those numerous inputs and data points into key themes. The five key focus areas that revealed themselves through that process emerged quite clearly and authentically, and with strong consensus among all members of the district strategic team.

After consensus on the focus areas - the preferred future state - was reached among the district strategic team members, district administrators then clarified the five goals, and elaborated upon them by developing key objectives and performance indicators.

The map to achieving our preferred future state is the next step in the process. By approving this strategic plan, the Board of Education acknowledged the work of over 1,000 stakeholders who provided inputs, and the work of the district strategic team members who worked to aggregate and clarify those inputs to come to consensus on the preferred future state of the school district. District administrators will next map the path to achieve our focus area goals and objectives, develop plans, and identify measures of success.

We look forward to formally communicating the details of the Mequon-Thiensville School District Strategic Plan (2018-2021) in May of 2018.