Mequon-Thiensville School District

Budget Development

The district-wide budget development process is a collaborative one involving many stakeholder. The process, led by the executive director of business services, includes the collaboration of school personnel, the superintendent, and the school board.

The budget reflects the labor, materials, and resources required to fulfill the goals and objectives established by the board. The budget serves as an operational plan, stated in financial terms, for carrying out the mission of the school district.

Budget Development Timeline


Board of Education reviews and approves new courses and/or curriculum proposals for following school year.


  • Updated enrollment projections
  • Budget forecast
  • Administrative review of staffing
  • Analysis of class size
  • Review of department needs

Administrative budget development

  • Discussions with principals/departments related to class size, staffing, program needs
  • Review of all preliminary requests
  • Decision analysis to prioritize requests


  • Administrators present upcoming school year new initiatives or facility projects to Board of Education


Board action: Approval of new initiatives, facility projects, staffing recommendations

April 1

Final staffing plan submitted to business services


Preparation of annual report to community


Distribute annual report and notice of annual meetings

Annual meeting held

  • Board action to approve upcoming year budget
  • Community action to certify tax levy


Certify enrollment (3rd Friday)


  • Equalized valuation certified from Department of Revenue
  • Certification of State Aid

Board action - October adjustments/certification of tax levy