Mequon-Thiensville School District

Steffen Middle School

Design & Construction

Steffen updates include a cafeteria expansion and renovations to the gymnasium and specialist/support areas. Restrooms will be renovated to improve accessibility for those with mobility impairments and increase hygiene safety. Traffic circulation and queuing will be reconfigured to create better flow. Bus traffic will remain on the east side of the school near Wilson Elementary, while cars will be looped through a parking lot along the west side of the building. As part of the project, both middle schools will be connected to municipal water and receive enhanced fire suppression and alarm systems.

April 2021

Estimated Completion: Summer 2022

Live construction updates will be posted to link above during construction phases that may directly affect parents and students. This information will also be emailed to families as needed.

Above: A pavement view of the addition at Steffen. [Click image to enlarge]

Above: A grass view of the addition at Steffen. [Click image to enlarge]

Please note: All maps and renderings are not final and are subject to change.

Design Images