Mequon-Thiensville School District

Long Range Master Plan

The Mequon-Thiensville School District is developing a long-range vision for its facilities, or “A Framework for Our Future.” The ultimate goal of the project is for the framework to reflect a community vision for its public schools. The process includes establishing common priorities in the following:

  • building capacity
  • capital maintenance projects
  • modern learning environment enhancements
  • safety and security
  • co-curricular and recreational program opportunities
  • athletics

Monitoring student enrollment and estimating future enrollment trends is essential to school planning, and a critical piece in developing a long-range plan. Assessing the condition, capacity, and utilization of facilities is also a critical component in developing a long-range plan.

The school district has partnered with Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) to help facilitate the development of this all-encompassing 10-year framework that aligns the organization’s current reality, impending forecasts, strategic direction, and the community’s priorities. EUA has a proven track record in long-range planning in K-12 education, and a clear focus on authentic public engagement.

Engaging the community to develop a shared vision

We are committed to creating opportunities for the public to participate and provide input throughout the planning process as it works to develop a shared long-range plan. This April, we hosted three community workshops to gather the community’s feedback on enrollment projections and the facilities findings in order to help guide the district’s decision-making moving forward. More than 60 community workshop participants participated and provided feedback.

If you were not able to attend a community workshop we invite you to review the information that was presented at the Community Workshops. Please click the image below to access the presentation. Community Workshop participants also had the opportunity to engage in conversation and provide feedback on three key questions. See the results of that feedback below.

Community Workshop Presentation

Feedback from Community Workshops

Based on what you’ve heard today, what do you feel are the three most important facility challenges to address?

  • There are significant capacity issues at the elementary level. Oriole Lane is already over capacity, and all elementary schools could be over capacity within two-three years.
  • Current learning environments were not designed for today’s student-centered learning practices
  • Total gymnasium space is insufficient for the district’s extensive athletic and community recreational uses
  • There are some traffic circulation challenges at all sites

Facility Challenges

How do you feel about the district expanding opportunities for named sponsorships for our school, athletic, or recreation facilities?

Some school improvement projects could be funded through community partnerships and private sponsorship.

What are the variables most important to you in narrowing down potential options to elementary capacity challenges?

Enrollment projections from APL (cited in presentation) indicate that enrollment will remain consistent at the middle school and high school levels over the next 10 years, while significant enrollment growth is projected at the elementary level in the coming years. We are working to substantiate those enrollment projections by working with MDRoffers Consulting. The firm will develop enrollment projections based on demographic changes and community growth plans. Their analysis will include an assessment of the new residential development that is occurring in the communities of Mequon and Thiensville.

Enrollment Challenges

Next steps

During the months ahead, we will incorporate the community’s feedback into the planning process as we continue to work with our planning partners to evaluate high-level strategies and potential solutions to be included in a long-range facilities plan.

Watch for additional opportunities to get involved in developing a Framework for Our Future!