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Homestead's athletic programs are committed to excellence in athletics, but the commitments go across the board. Academics are our first priority, and that message is reinforced among all of our student-athletes. We are proud to offer all of the WIAA sport offerings, with 14 no-cut opportunities. 

Athletic Philosophy

On the road to athletic excellence, we strive to nurture our student athletes’ sense of social responsibility, servant leadership, school pride and sportsmanship. Trusting relationships and a growth mindset are critical components among all of these priorities. The practice students have in developing these skills and nurturing these abilities are valuable life lessons no matter where their lives may take them beyond high school. With 14 of our sports currently being “no-cut” sports, there is a tremendous opportunity for all students to enjoy the benefits of participating in athletics.


Travel Release Forms

The health and safety of our students are our top priority. Due to the current pandemic we would like to provide families with alternatives to traveling to away competitions. These travel release forms provides parents, or students, with a valid driver's license and proof of insurance, the ability to transport themselves to a Homestead High School sanctioned competition at an away site. Students may not transport any other students in the vehicle with them. All transportation in a private vehicle must be approved in advance in writing by the parents, coach and athletic administrator.

MTSD Athletics Travel Release - Parent Driver

MTSD Travel Release - Covid- Student Driver (Fall)

MTSD Travel Release - Covid- Student Driver (Winter)

MTSD Travel Release - Covid- Student Driver (Spring)

Erich Hinterstocker
Athletic Director

John Krueger
Assistant Athletic Director

Julie Burke
Administrative Assistant

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