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Code of Conduct

Participation in Homestead co-curricular activities is an integral part of the Homestead High School curriculum.  While our primary goal as a school district is to provide a sound academic experience for all of our students, co-curricular activities provide unique opportunities for students to promote their mental, physical, and social-emotional development. By providing a strong co-curricular program, Homestead High School extends the privilege of enriching the mind and body to any student meeting district, Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA), and any applicable governing body’s requirements.  Co-curricular participants who comply with this code of conduct demonstrate a desire to dedicate themselves to self-improvement as well as to enhance the best interests of fellow teammates, advisors/coaches and school. If accepted, this privilege carries certain responsibilities, and this co-curricular code presents these responsibilities.

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 Homestead Co-Curricular Code of Conduct

Erich Hinterstocker
Athletic Director

John Krueger
Assistant Athletic Director

Julie Burke
Administrative Assistant

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