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Parking at Homestead

Parking a vehicle at Homestead is a privilege extended to students of driving age. Please be aware of the following information related to student parking procedures.

  • There is a $300 annual fee to park at Homestead if you purchase a pass at the beginning of the school year. If you purchase after September, the price is prorated as follows:
    • October 1 - $270
    • November 1 - $230
    • December 1 - $210
    • January 1 - $180
    • February 1 - $140
    • March 1 - $110
    • April 1 - $70
    • May 1 - $40
  • Any vehicle driven to school needs to be registered and have a parking sticker issued by the Student Office displayed on the back window.
  • Students who park at school only occasionally can park in a daily spot (near the tennis courts) for $2 each day.

Important Note:

  • Students who park on campus without paying for a pass will not be issued $10 parking tickets.
  • If a student chooses to park at Homestead without paying for a pass, a $300 fee will be charged to that student’s account. The student will then receive a parking pass for the remainder of the year.