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Parking at Homestead

Parking a vehicle at Homestead is a privilege extended to students of driving age. Please be aware of the following information related to student parking procedures.

There is a $200 annual fee to park at Homestead during the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Parking fees will not be charged to park during the first trimester (Sept. 1 – November 24). However, all vehicles must be registered. Click here to register for parking.
  • All students who register for parking will receive a parking sticker which must be placed in the rear window of the vehicle.
  • If a student who has purchased parking drives a non-registered car to school, that car must be added to the student’s parking registration file. Click here to register a previously non-registered car.
  • Parking is sold for the full school year. Exceptions will be made as needed, please contact Linda Dean at

If parking is purchased during the school year (after the month of December) prices will be prorated on the first day of each month:

  • October 1 - $200 (no fee for October)
  • November 1 - $200 (no fee for November)
  • December 1 - $200 (Beginning of second trimester)
  • January 1 - $170
  • February 1 - $130
  • March 1 - $100 (Beginning of Third Trimester)
  • April 1 - $70
  • May 1 - $40

Students who park at school only occasionally can park in a daily spot (near the tennis courts) for $2 each day (This parking is free during the first trimester, but the car must be registered with the office: click here to register for a daily parking spot.

Important Note:

If a student chooses to park at Homestead without paying for a pass, a $200 fee will be charged to that student’s account. The student will then receive a parking pass for the remainder of the year.