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Parking at Homestead

Parking a vehicle at Homestead is a privilege extended to students of driving age. Please be aware of the following information related to student parking procedures.

  • There is a $300 annual fee to park at Homestead if you purchase a pass at the beginning of the school year. If you purchase after September, the price is prorated as follows:
    • October 1 - $270
    • November 1 - $230
    • December 1 - $210
    • January 1 - $180
    • February 1 - $140
    • March 1 - $110
    • April 1 - $70
    • May 1 - $40
  • Any vehicle driven to school needs to be registered and have a parking sticker issued by the Student Office displayed on the back window.
  • Students who park at school only occasionally can park in a daily spot (near the tennis courts) for $2 each day.

Important Note:

  • Students who park on campus without paying for a pass will not be issued $10 parking tickets.
  • If a student chooses to park at Homestead without paying for a pass, a $300 fee will be charged to that student’s account. The student will then receive a parking pass for the remainder of the year.


Where do I get a parking permit?

Complete the Student Parking Application and submit it to the Homestead Student Office in order to receive your parking permit.

All cars driven to school must be registered and have a valid Homestead High School parking sticker attached to the top right corner of the rear window. If you may drive more than one vehicle, you can request a sticker for each vehicle.

Are there assigned parking spaces?

There are sections of the parking lot at Homestead High School specifically designated for student parking. The Student Office will assign those sections to students who have completed the Student Parking Application.. Students may use only these sections of the parking lot and are to park between the lines. Students who park in a lot other than their designated section, including in the faculty or visitor’s lots may be ticketed by the Mequon Police Department and will incur school-assigned consequences. The first offense will result in one detention, the second offense will result in two detentions and the third offense will result in three detentions and the student will lose their parking privileges.

Can I leave school during the school day?

If a student drives a car off the campus during the school day without proper authorization, that student will be subject to disciplinary action for truancy and may have his/her parking privileges revoked. Driving other students off the property without notifying the Student Office is also a violation of school rules. Smoking, loitering, or general socializing in a car on the parking lot may also result in the revocation of a student’s parking privilege and other disciplinary action. Due to the fact that our school district provides bus service to our students, all absences related to vehicle problems are unexcused.

What if I don't regularly drive/park at school?

There is a section of the parking lot at Homestead High School specifically designated for temporary parking (near the tennis courts spots number #494-505 and #536-544). Students may use only this section of the parking lot and are to park between the lines of their assigned stall. Students who park in a spot other than their designated space, including in the faculty, administration, or visitor’s lot may be ticketed by the Mequon Police Department and may lose their parking privileges.

Temporary parking spots are to be used by students who need to drive to school very infrequently. If a student intends to drive more than 30 days during the school year, a permanent parking space should be purchased.

Temporary parking passes are $2 per day, several payment options exist:

In Advance:

  • Purchase your temporary parking pass from the Student Office the day before you will park at school.

Day of:

  • BEFORE SCHOOL - Purchase your temporary parking pass from the Student Supervisor outside – near the tennis courts. Exact change appreciated.
  • ONCE SCHOOL BEGINS - Park in temporary parking spot then go to the Student Office to pay.

Can I choose my preferred parking spot?

Learn more about how students can submit parking lot preferences through the Parking Lottery.

What is the revenue from parking fees used for?

Revenue collected from parking fees is applied to the school district's general fund to offset the operational costs incurred by the district, including the costs associated with plowing and parking lot maintenance.