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Work Permits

Work permits can be processed at Homestead beginning Tuesday, September 8.

Homestead Work Permit Officers


Please note: A call or email to confirm that Ms. Winters or Mrs. Burke are available to receive your work permit documents is appreciated.  Documents must be dropped off before 10:00 to be completed by 2:30.
Please allow 24 hours to process a work permit during busy school days.

For additional work permit office locations, please visit 

Work Permit Form

Work Permit Requirements:

  1. Letter from the Employer signed by a manager and parent/guardian
  2. Original birth certificate, driver's license, state ID, or passport for proof of age
  3. Original Social Security Card (or a good copy of it)
  4. $10 fee in cash or check made out to HHS
  5. The student, a parent/guardian, or a sibling may drop off the documents.