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Work Permits

Work permits can be processed at Homestead beginning Tuesday, September 8.

Homestead Work Permit Officers

  • School year: Linda Winters, Welcome Desk
  • Summer: Julie Burke, Athletic Office

Please note: To allow for physical distancing and confirm that Ms. Winters is available to receive documents, please call or email Linda Winters at 262-238-5652 / All work permits will be processed at the Homestead Welcome Desk window (accessible via Door 6) between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., or their HHS student may bring their documents to Ms. Winters before their 1st hour class. Please allow 24 hours to process.

Work Permit Form

Work Permit Requirements:

  1. Letter from the Employer
  2. Proof of Age
  3. Original Social Security Card (or a good copy of it)
  4. Parent Authorization
  5. $10 fee

COVID-19 Work Permit Stipulation

As many of you are aware, the emergency rule relating to work permits for minors under 16 is set to expire October 26, 2020. Under the emergency rule, the Equal Rights Division (ERD) instructed employers to email our office all required minor worker information in lieu of getting a work permit while many Wisconsin work permit offices were closed. At that time, our office informed employers that the ERD would be transitioning back to the traditional process of procuring work permits beginning September 1, 2020.

Currently, we ask that all work permit offices begin issuing work permits according to pre-pandemic rules. In the coming weeks, you may be contacted by employers who employed minors during the health emergency. Please inform all employers that they are required to obtain work permits for every minor employed over the summer. Please use the same process to issue retroactive work permits as you would a new work permit. Check all required documentation, enter the information online, and collect the fee.

The ERD has created a new tool to help employers find active work permit offices. You can view the map here:

The default map shows offices that have issued work permits in the past two weeks. Users can also click "Show all others" to get a complete map of all registered offices. The ERD encourages permit seekers to call the work permit office nearest to their location prior to their visit to verify hours of operation and availability.

Please understand that work permit requirements are created to protect minors in the workplace. The Equal Rights Division takes this process very seriously and is committed to the health and well-being of all minors. As the primary point of contact for minors seeking work permits, you are significantly important to this process. The ERD thanks you for your service and for your ongoing commitment to the protection and safety of our state's youth.