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As parents and educators, we know there is no work more important than preparing our children to take on the world. Homestead embraces parents as partners in the educational experience. As a school, we strive for you to be informed, engaged and included, recognizing that parents are the ultimate experts when it comes our students and their needs in or beyond the classroom.

All we do at Homestead High School is student-centered. Teachers routinely extend the learning experience to before and after school, providing extra academic assistance so that students can meet their educational goals. Our counseling program is designed to support each child’s transition to high school, whether as an incoming freshman or a transfer student, and then to provide personalized support in planning for life after Homestead.

We know that students are best prepared for post-secondary pursuits when they experience academic challenge in high school. At one time or another, all students need some form of support—whether academic, social, emotional, or otherwise—to thrive in a rigorous learning environment. All of these efforts are designed to help all students grow, learn and succeed.

At Homestead, we aspire for all students to feel a strong sense of belonging. When we chant, “We are the mighty Highlanders!” we aren’t just talking about our school mascot. Instead, being a mighty Highlander means being a member of our school community, sharing our sense of pride for who we are and what we do. We encourage all students to “BE MIGHTY” every day, embracing the sense of social responsibility that is central to our mission as a school. When students and adults accept shared ownership of our school and its culture, amazing things can and do happen.

While we aim to create a sense of unity at Homestead, we know that each Highlander is special and unique. Our academic, athletic and co-curricular programming is designed with that diversity in mind; we want each student to make a deep connection with some part of the high school experience. Students should have outlets for their passions and meaningful opportunities to explore their curiosities.

Our faculty and staff is a committed and caring group of professionals who work together to make Homestead the best that it can be. We prioritize relationships with young people as our top commitment. From there, teachers embrace innovation and change in the classroom, and build strong partnerships with students focused on learning and achievement.

Thank you for being a part of our school community!

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Eric Ebert

Monique Porter
Assistant Principal

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Matt Zavada
Assistant Principal