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School Profile

Homestead High School is a comprehensive, four-year high school in the Mequon-Thiensville School District, located approximately 13 miles north of Metropolitan Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin. The district serves approximately 3,500 students and their families in a community that embraces world-class learning opportunities and rich athletic, arts, and co-curricular offerings.

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Homestead High School provides students with a top-notch college preparatory education. The combined efforts of Homestead's students, faculty, staff, and administration produce exceptional results. In recent years, Homestead has been named a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School, an AVID National Demonstration School, a Red Quill Award winner by the ACT Midwest Region, and a multi-year Advanced Placement Honor Roll designee by the College Board. Homestead is one of only two high schools in the state to achieve the status of 'Significantly Exceeds Expectations' each year that the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has released School Report Cards.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

With a wide range of athletic teams, clubs and activities, Homestead affords all students the chance to feel involved in the school and invested in their high school experience. Opportunities for involvement beyond the classroom include:

  • 28 varsity, interscholastic sports stressing participation and excellence, and 14 no- cut sports, providing opportunities for students of diverse skill sets. Homestead annually finishes in the top five of all large schools in Wisconsin in cumulative athletic rankings.
  • Award-winning arts programs in visual art, drama, and music. Student artists regularly receive recognition in contests, competitions and showcase events.


The Counseling Department at Homestead embraces the school’s mission to equip all students with transferable skills, promote academic independence, foster social responsibility and inspire a passion for learning.

Professional counselors implement the 9-12 comprehensive school counseling program by advocating for and collaborating with students to promote their success. The early years of high school focus on skill building, goal-setting and talent exploration. As students transition to their junior and senior years, the focus shifts to include post-secondary planning related to the career and college search.