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Are you interested in attending a club at Homestead? 

Club notifications, meetings and locations are announced in the daily announcements every day at the beginning of 2nd hour.  This information is also found  in your Infinite Campus Daily Announcements.

For your convenience, all past and present club information is easily accessible and posted on the HHS website under STUDENTS AND FAMILIES - Today's Announcements.



  • How do I join a club? To join a club, wait until the beginning of the school year and pay close attention to the daily announcements. Club meetings will be announced. Last year’s clubs and club advisors will also be posted on the web. Listen as new clubs and advisors may change with every trimester. Contact the teacher/advisor from previous year to see if the club is still active. You can also view all announcements, past and present, on the HHS Website under STUDENTS AND FAMILIES - Today's Announcements.
  • Can I suggest or start a new club?  New clubs are formed throughout the school year. All new clubs must be approved by our principal. Once approved, it is added to the HHS Website. A new club cannot be formed without approval, without an advisor, or without actively involved students.
  • How do I become a member of a club?  A student must attend meetings, be actively involved, and must follow an advisor’s club rules to be considered active within a club.
  • When are club rosters due? All active clubs with a student roster (the student’s full name and grade level) must be submitted to the attendance office at the end of each Trimester.

Please click here to view the 2023-2024 HHS Club Directory

The club website linked above was created by Jasmine Xu, Class of 2024. Thank you to Jasmine for her excellent work in designing this site! 


Please click here to see a complete listing of current club offerings at Homestead High School.