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English Language Arts

Homestead's English Department considers reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills fundamental to all learning. We strive to equip emerging scholars with these skills by promoting continual personal growth. Our curriculum is rich in opportunities for students to develop their vocabulary, become versatile in their control of sentence structure, interact with nonfiction and fiction texts of increasing complexity, and write in a variety of styles for a variety of purposes. Every year, students also engage in the research process and have opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills. Part of Homestead's mission is to empower young people with transferable skills; therefore, we see our work as English teachers as magnified in importance since reading and writing occurs across the curriculum in every discipline. We strive to motivate students by asking them to make choices about their own learning, devise meaningful questions, develop and defend their own interpretation, and set individualized goals. As a result of participating in four years of English courses, we intend for students to enter the next phase of their lives as skillful readers, insightful, versatile writers, true listeners, and confident speakers. Above all, we want our students to think deeply about the ideas of others and share their own ideas in effective ways.


Eric Bauer

Angelina Cicero

Joseph Costa

Kelly Denk

Allegra Derzon

Michaela Fraley

Christopher Gaebel

Angela Mason

Eric Moser

Alison Porter

Ashley Pozel

Rachel Rauch