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Honors/AP/Dual Enrollment

Homestead offers a wide variety of honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and dual credit courses. As a school, we are committed to open access to advanced coursework (honors, AP, dual credit) in the name of preparing all students for college and career success. We encourage students to stretch themselves academically and pursue challenging courses that best meet their needs, interests, and post-secondary aspirations.

The content in these courses is enriched, meaning that material is covered in more depth and that more material will be covered in the course than in another course on the same subject. Students should expect to dedicate a significant amount of time outside of class meetings in order to succeed in these courses. Advanced Placement and dual credit courses cover college-level material. Students who com- plete an Advanced Placement course may take an AP test, the results of which may lead to college credit.

Participation in advanced coursework should not be taken lightly. As such, students are encouraged to collaborate with teachers, counselors, and parents when making course requests annually. In highly sequential content areas like math and world language, prerequisite courses are identified to ensure adequate development of background knowledge and skills.

Students are encouraged to sign up for a balanced schedule. Part of balance includes not only managing the rigors of a strong academic program but also allowing appropriate time for a healthy co-curricular and personal life.

Counselors will work with students to balance rigorous courses within the trimester system and will make changes when possible. Students should initiate contact with counselors during summer registration if academic balance becomes a concern. While not all courses are offered every trimester, the goal for any student is to have no more than three honors/dual credit/AP courses each trimester.


  • Homestead High School places NO LIMIT on the number of honors/AP/dual credit courses a student can take. We encourage students to challenge themselves.
  • Students interested in these courses should consider three to be the normal maximum number to be taken concurrently in order to optimize learning.
  • For courses not bound to a particular trimester, a counselor can help a student to balance his/her schedule. Please note that AP courses are locked into particular trimesters to accommodate testing in May.
  • Students should make sure to do the following when choosing courses:
    • Be sure they have met all of the prerequisites for the courses being considered
    • Consult with their counselor
    • Consult with current teacher(s)
    • Consider their co-curricular life
    • Discuss the decision with their parents