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Academic & Career Planning

Each student has his or her own constellation of talents, interests and strengths. Academic and Career Planning, or ACP, is an adult-supported process that provides students with the opportunity to uncover their unique interests and strengths and investigate careers that dovetail with their passions and abilities. The process continues through the identification of instructional activities aligned to a student's particular field of interest, and the development of a personal success plan. The ACP process is a collaborative one that engages students, teachers, counselors and parents in the development of their child's success plan.

Our objective for high school students is that they will research post-secondary options, revise their course plan to include an alignment to post-secondary education training, understand the relevance of assessments, and prepare for their transition to life following high school.

What activities take place in high school?

  • Students take a career interest inventory in Naviance Student freshman and sophomore year.
  • During the sophomore student/parent conference, the career interest inventory results are explored and post-secondary planning begins.
  • ACT Aspire scores are used to determine appropriate course selection and ACT preparation.
  • Students attend Fall Career Fest program at Concordia University.
  • Career and service-based coursework is available in CNA and apprenticeship programs.
  • AP/dual-enrollment courses are offered to help students earn college credit in high school.
  • Project-based coursework is available in: PDP, business electives, PLTW, robotics, computer science/technology.
  • Financial literacy is explored. Economics class is required for all students, and electives are offered in Personal Finance, Employability Skills, PDP, Financial Management.
  • Fall Financial Aid evening program is offered for families.
  • Jobs/apprenticeship/volunteer opportunities are available in the counseling office.
  • Comprehensive scholarship list is available in Naviance Student.
  • Review of pre-ACT scores, identifying resources of ACT prep, goal setting of ACT.

How are parents involved?

Parents are invited to become involved through family conversations, participation in events such as Financial Aid Night, and by monitoring their child's progress through the online tool Naviance Student.