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Counseling Department

The Counseling Department at Homestead embraces the school's mission to equip all students with transferrable skills, promote academic independence, foster social responsibility, and inspire a passion for learning through a focus on supporting students' academic, college, career, personal, and interpersonal development.

Counselors are available to help students with almost everything. A student's counselor is always a good first step when seeking help of any kind.

Counselors Provide:

Academic Advising

  • Communication with parents and teachers to facilitate student support
  • Continuous academic support and individual conferencing as needed
  • Schedule management to support balance and appropriate levels

Courses offered at Homestead (Course Guide)

Personal and Interpersonal Counseling & Advocacy

  • Communication with parents and teachers to facilitate student support
  • Social Emotional Support
  • Referrals to community agencies when needed

Support Transitioning from 8th Grade to High School

what support to expect in the transition from 8th grade to high school

Academic Information Night (January of 8th grade)
Course registration support (January of 8th grade)

Co-curricular night (May of 8th grade)

Freshman orientation (August)

Career & College Planning: Grade 9

what to expect in grade 9

Transition meeting with Mrs. Navarre
  • Naviance Student introduction and overview
    • Resume feature
    • College search overview
    • Career search overview

Introduction to Method Test Prep program

3-year plan development in Infinite Campus

Individual meetings and goal setting

College & Career Planning: Grade 10

What to expect in grade 10

Course registration sessions and individual meetings as needed

Sophomore Conferencing
  • January-March
  • One on one meetings with student and parent(s)
  • Overview of next two years, revising three year plan
  • Do What You Are survey result interpretation
  • Introduction of technical, 2-year, 4-year, and military options
  • Career and college planning tools identified through Naviance Student
  • Method Test Prep for ACT preparation

College & Career Planning: Grade 11

What to expect in grade 11

Course registration support

College admissions representative visits at HHS

PSAT in October

Financial Aid Information Night in October

Parent Night during trimester 1 conferences

Junior small group conferencing
  • Overview of Naviance Student
  • Career Cluster Finder survey
  • Creation of Method Test Prep login
  • List of colleges and careers students are thinking about
  • Discussion of technical, 2-year, 4-year, and military options

Individual Junior student meetings in December
  • Review of current grades
  • Goal setting for senior year
  • Review senior schedule for alignment with post-secondary goals
  • Method Test Prep plan for ACT
  • Letters of recommendation process
ACT preparation workshops in January and February

State mandated ACT and Work Keys in February

Parent Night during trimester 3 conferences

College & Career Planning: Grade 12

what to expect in grade 12

Senior college application workshops in August
  • Emphasis on Common Application and UW System Application
  • Brief overview of college essay

Consultation with counselor regarding letters of recommendation

Senior Parent Night in September
  • Review of Naviance Student
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid information and resources
  • Overview of application timeline
College admission representatives and military visits at HHS

Senior update assembly in September
  • Review of Naviance Student
  • Process for requesting transcripts and letters of recommendation
  • Timeline for post high school planning
  • Discussion of technical, 2-year, 4-year, and military options
  • Scholarship resources on Naviance Student

Financial Aid Information Night in October
Trimester 1 grades sent to colleges during the end of December

Local scholarship application open December- January 15

FAFSA support prior to March 1 national deadline

College decision national deadline of May 1

Scholarship Award Night

Who is my counselor?

Counselor Assignments

All Freshmen A-Z: Molly Navarre

Sophomores A-Gt: Danielle Young

Sophomores Gu-Her: Kris Besler

Sophomores Hes-O: Lauren Schaefer

Sophomores P-Z: Sarah Robinson

Juniors A-Ge: Danielle Young

Juniors Gf-Ha: Kris Besler

Juniors Hb-Oz: Lauren Schaefer

Juniors P-Z: Sarah Robinson

Seniors A-Gram: Danielle Young

Seniors Gran-Kua: Sarah Robinson

Seniors Kub-Lk: Kris Besler

Seniors Ll-Ss: Lauren Schaefer

Seniors St-Z: Sarah Robinson

All AVID students grade 10-12: Kris Besler

Additional Counseling Office Functions:


Whether your family is new or returning to Homestead, feel free to contact the counseling office with questions about the registration process. Please also see additional district-wide information about enrollment and registration.

Visit Homestead

There's no better way to get a feel for a school's culture and learning environment than by visiting. We invite you to visit Homestead to take a tour and ask questions. Please contact us at or 262-238-5900 to arrange a visit.

Transcript Requests

Current Homestead students: you must request an official transcript through your Naviance Student account. For more information on how to do this, please watch the video below:

If you require an unofficial transcript, please come to the counseling office, or access it through your Infinite Campus portal in the "Reports" section.

Homestead alumni: Please complete the Alumni Transcript Request form.

How are Parents Involved?

Naviance Student

Naviance Student is an online tool that allows students and parents to organize and document discoveries and milestones related to career exploration, college planning, and the college application process. Homestead counselors use Naviance Student as a communication tool for students and parents. Learn more about Naviance Student.

Events for Parents & Families

There are many opportunities for families to participate in conversations about their child's progress or in family presentations. Contact the counseling office to speak with your child's counselor, or watch for important information from the counseling department regarding family information events.

Information for Admission Representatives

Schedule a Visit to Homestead

Welcome to Homestead High School. To schedule your visit with our students, please call the counseling secretary at 262-238-5635.

Please see our bell schedule for assistance in planning your visit. We do not schedule college visits before or after school or during lunch hours. We are currently using Naviance Succeed to post our college visits. You may sign in as a guest at hhsred.

School Profile

Financial Aid for College

Kris Besler

Kris Besler
Director of Counseling

Susan Hoepfner
Counseling Secretary

Molly Navarre

Molly Navarre
School Counselor

Mary Beth O'Brien
School Psychologist

Lori Pedrick

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson
School Counselor

Lauren Schaefer

Lauren Schaefer
School Counselor

Danielle Kuzmanovic

Danielle Young
School Counselor