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Writing Lab

The Sydney Lauren Tabakin Writing Lab at Homestead High School promotes writing excellence across the curriculum for all students. With the ISWAC or “Improve Student Writing Across the Curriculum” approach, content area staff members can confidently assign writing with the understanding that students can further hone their skills by visiting the Writing Lab.

Homestead’s Writing Lab directly influences students in attaining their goals of achieving writing excellence in preparation for college. Many students use the Writing Lab extensively as a creative sounding-board to bounce ideas off of each other for new perspectives. The Writing Lab provides students with a sense of confidence because they are able to take their teachers’ input and advice about phrasing, content, and style.
Upon entering college or the workforce, Homestead graduates have found that their writing skills are superior to their counterparts.

The Sydney Lauren Tabakin Writing Lab only accepts digital submissions from students without study hall who need assistance with a college essay. Students with papers from an English class or papers from across the curriculum need to visit the in-person lab. Please speak with your teacher about the possibility of going to the lab during class. The after-school lab is also open Monday through Thursday. If you have senior privilege during 1st or 5th hour and want to visit the writing lab, please arrange the visit through Mr. Tony Navarre at

Hours of Service:

Monday-Friday: Hours 1, 2, 3A Lunch, 4, & 5

Monday-Thursday: 2:40-3:15 p.m.