Code of Conduct

An important mission of the interscholastic athletics program is to teach and reinforce values relating to sportsmanship, competition, and fair play. It is expected that players and coaches exhibit appropriate behavior at these events.

Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege. Accordingly, students must meet certain standards in order to earn the privilege of participation. The following standards are required of all student-athletes during the season.

1. A student may not have any failing grades, have two or more Ds or have any incomplete grades. In addition, he/she may not have more than 2 signatures in the behavior log (known as a behavior minor) or an Office Discipline Referral (known as a major).

2. The student is responsible for taking the evaluation form to each of his/her teachers on Friday in order for staff to assess the current progress in their classes. The teacher will need to sign the form. The student then takes the form home to be signed by his/her parent/guardian over the weekend and then returned to the coach/AD on Monday. (The evaluation form is done every two weeks.)

3. Students will be allowed to practice and/or continue involvement in the activity if they are ineligible, including traveling with the team to games.

4. Please remember that academics are the first priority.

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