Mequon-Thiensville School District

School Safety

Parents entrust schools not only with their child’s intellectual development and social growth, but also with their child’s safety and well‐being during the school day. Safeguarding the members of our school communities—our students and staff members—is of the utmost importance to us. To that end, we have established protocols and procedures for the prevention of and response to emergency situations.

Prevention & Preparedness

Safety Reporting Form

This reporting form was created to provide another tool for our awareness of factors that impact our safe, secure and respectful learning environments. The safety reporting form link may also be found in the footer of each page of the website. Concerns may be submitted anonymously. Use this form to report specific concerns about the following:

  • bullying
  • harassment
  • mental health
  • safety or security

Safety Reporting Form

Safety Committee

A Safety Committee, comprised of administrators, staff members, the Mequon Police Department and external partners meets regularly to discuss ongoing efforts toward continuous improvement in our prevention and preparedness in emergency situations. The vision for the committee is to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and visitors.

Safety & Security Audit

In October 2016, the school district retained the services of Safe Havens International, a campus safety consultant firm, to conduct an audit of district security protocol and procedures. The comprehensive report from the audit noted the successes achieved in the areas of security, climate and culture, and also included recommendations where opportunities for improvement existed. The Safety Committee refers to this comprehensive audit in its efforts toward continuous improvement.

Annual Drills

Responses in emergencies are a critical part of the district’s safety efforts. Regular practice for staff and students helps ensure that best practices are followed automatically in the case of an actual emergency.

All MTSD schools annually practice monthly fire drills and one tornado drill, per state law. Our schools also practice one lockdown drill each year.

School Leader Training

Every year, school administrators participate in training organized by the district’s executive director of student services. Tabletop exercises help administrators think through their plans for various types of responses.

School Resource Officer

As a school district, we benefit from the Mequon Police Department’s assignment of a full-time school resource officer. The officer helps prepare our schools to handle crises by informing crisis planning and management systems, developing and coordinating emergency response plans, creating protocols for handling specific emergencies, and assisting in the facilitation of emergency response exercises. In addition, the officer not only protects our schools, he or she also works to build positive connections with students.

Social-Emotional Support

Social-emotional and counseling services can help identify students at risk and provide help to those who might be on their way toward causing harm to themselves or others. The district’s social-emotional coaches, guidance counselors and psychologists play different roles in supporting young people in our schools.