Mequon-Thiensville School District


To maximize each child's academic achievement and personal growth, we develop curriculum that builds on students' interests, challenges students based on their ability level, and correlates with individual learning styles. Educators strive to build relationships with students as individuals and seek to grow students through a personalized approach.

Dedicated math and literacy specialists in each school support teaching and learning in those critical core content areas. Social emotional coaches at each school work to intervene, identify and eliminate barriers to students' academic achievement and social-emotional development. Research and Digital Learning Specialists work out of the Inquiry and Collaboration Center (ICC) at each school to maximize digital learning for each student, empowering them to embrace lifelong learning as critical thinkers, passionate readers, skillful researchers, effective technology users, and ethical users and producers of ideas.

Preparing students for success means nurturing critical thinking and exposing them to the widest array of possibilities. We provide an authentic exposure to art, music, theater, world languages, STEM curriculum, athletics and extracurricular activities.

Program Overview

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Curriculum: A Closer Look

In the Mequon-Thiensville School District, curriculum in the general sense is the interactive system of teaching & learning derived from content based on the district-approved standards. More specifically, it is the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn; the units and lessons taught; the assignments and projects used; the books, materials, videos, presentations, and reading used in a course; and the tests, assessments, and other methods used to evaluate student learning

Curriculum is developed aligned to the district's mission, vision, and strategic plan. MTSD is on a seven-year curriculum cycle for review of all content areas.

View the Guidelines for Homework at MTSD.

Scope & Sequence: A Closer Look

In the Mequon-Thiensville School District, Scope and Sequence is the interrelated concept that refers to the overall organization of a guaranteed and viable curriculum in order to ensure its coherence and continuity. Scope refers to the breadth and depth of content and skills to be covered. Sequence refers to when and how these content and skills are ordered and presented to learners over time. The purpose of a Scope and Sequence is to ensure that all students in MTSD receive an equitable high-quality educational experience regardless of school or classroom.

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