Mequon-Thiensville School District

Elementary School

Core Curriculum

We know that a child’s early school years are an important time for learning. It is in elementary school that we build the foundation for children’s pathways to lifelong success. We believe successful learning occurs in an environment that is age-appropriate, interactive, challenging and engaging. Our dedicated teachers have been trained to deliver high-quality whole group instruction, tailored small group instruction and one-on-one support. We ensure that every child’s voice is heard and that they receive the support necessary to succeed. While all four core curriculum areas are provided, the major emphasis in elementary school is on growing student skills in literacy and mathematics.

Other Curriculum Areas

The elementary experience provides authentic exposure to art, music and physical education as part of our comprehensive program designed to meet students’ diverse needs and interests. Preparing students for success means exposing them to the widest array of possibilities. Opportunities in these curricular areas cultivate the whole child by allowing students to showcase their creative abilities, build their social-emotional intelligence and explore their passions.