Mequon-Thiensville School District

High School

Homestead High School embraces innovative ways to make learning meaningful through exposure to rigorous content and opportunities to grow students' skills in critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and inquiry. Students are encouraged to take academic risks and pursue challenging courses that best meet their needs, interests, and post-secondary aspirations, knowing that supports are in place to ensure success. Homestead offers a wide variety of elective opportunities and advanced coursework options, including Advanced Placement (AP), honors and dual credit courses.

Career & Technical Education

The CTE department at Homestead High School helps to prepare students for a wide range of highly skilled, highly relevant career paths to pursue once their high school journey has ended. We offer cohesive, personalized learning environments that integrate curriculum and instructional activities around specific career areas such as accounting, business, engineering, and more. Project Lead The Way courses in Civil Engineering and Architecture, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Digital Electronics, Intro. to Engineering Design, and Principles of Engineering are also offered.

Computer Science

The Computer Science department at Homestead offers students the ability to further their modern technology skills by studying a wide-range of computing courses including programming, multimedia, and independent studies at all proficiency levels.


The Counseling Department at Homestead embraces the school’s mission to equip all students with transferable skills, promote academic independence, foster social responsibility and inspire a passion for learning. Professional counselors implement the 9-12 comprehensive school counseling program by advocating for and collaborating with students to promote their success. The early years of high school focus on skill building, goal-setting and talent exploration. As students transition to their junior and senior years, the focus shifts to include post-secondary planning related to the career and college search.


Homestead's English Department considers reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills fundamental to all learning. We strive to equip emerging scholars with these skills by promoting continual personal growth. Our curriculum is rich in opportunities for students to develop their vocabulary, become versatile in their control of sentence structure, interact with nonfiction and fiction texts of increasing complexity, and write in a variety of styles for a variety of purposes. Every year, students also engage in the research process and have opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills. Part of Homestead's mission is to empower young people with transferable skills; therefore, we see our work as English teachers as magnified in importance since reading and writing occurs across the curriculum in every discipline. We strive to motivate students by asking them to make choices about their own learning, devise meaningful questions, develop and defend their own interpretation, and set individualized goals. As a result of participating in four years of English courses, we intend for students to enter the next phase of their lives as skillful readers, insightful, versatile writers, true listeners, and confident speakers. Above all, we want our students to think deeply about the ideas of others and share their own ideas in effective ways.

Fine Arts

The Homestead Fine Arts Department is comprised of five different areas: Band, Choir, Orchestra, Theater, and Visual Arts. Through exposure to the arts, we strive to cultivate an environment where our students can grow into successful, confident adults. Artists can select from courses in acting, directing, technical theatre, concert band, string orchestra, Highlander Choir, metals, ceramics, digital art, painting, photography, AP Music Theory, AP Research, and much, much more.


A Homestead mathematics education encourages student to cultivate an in-depth understanding of why mathematical processes and applications work, as well as develop key skills including but not limited to inquiry, problem-solving, communication and collaboration. After embarking upon a four year math journey at Homestead, every student will have the opportunity to experience all of the major components of math such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and calculus. Each course offers varying levels that encourage students to develop their own path of success.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Department at Homestead High School educates all students by providing a safe and positive environment where there is opportunity through a diverse curriculum to acquire knowledge, improve physical and social skills, and develop fitness and positive attitudes that are essential to living a healthy lifestyle.


A Homestead science education fosters student learners who cultivate an in-depth understanding of content, as well as develop key skills like inquiry, problem solving, communication and collaboration. Students are able to explore the four domains of science including life science, physical science, earth and space science, and engineering in order to advance their understanding of the modern world.

Social Studies

Students studying Social Studies at Homestead High School are encouraged to explore a diverse array of historical and contemporary topics. Offerings range from World Studies, AP Economics, and Sociology to Psychology, American Government, and Contemporary Issues.

Special Education

The mission of the Special Education department is to collaborate effectively with families and colleagues in order to provide, and guide, instruction that best meets each student’s individual needs. We will increase community awareness, promote self-advocacy, and foster independence skills to prepare students for post secondary options.

World Languages

The mission of the Mequon-Thiensville School District World Language Program is to equip all students with transferable skills that encourage them to recognize, respect and respond to cultural perspectives while inspiring a passion to investigate the world as informed global citizens. The World Language Department embraces its mission statement and offers students the opportunity to learn 3 of the official languages used by the United Nations: Chinese, French and Spanish in addition to a time-honored classical language, Latin. In addition, the WLD offers an AP track in French and Spanish, and a dual credit opportunity with the University of Minnesota for Latin.