Mequon-Thiensville School District

Special Education

We are committed to providing high-quality learning experiences for each student in our schools. Our vision is that students are provided the most inclusive learning environment so that they become independent, confident self-advocates who turn present successes into positive post-secondary outcomes. Please feel free to contact the special education team with questions.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website provides a number of resources related to special education, including eligibility criteria, referral information, links to external resources, and information about the rights of children and parents.

Wisconsin DPI Special Education Resources

Wisconsin’s Informational Guidebook on Dyslexia and Related Conditions

The informational dyslexia guidebook required by 2019 Wisconsin Act 86 is online at The guidebook was created through collaboration between the advisory committee, as outlined in Act 86, and DPI. Per Act 86, the informational guidebook discusses screening, instruction and intervention, and resources that can support improved learning for school-aged individuals with characteristics of dyslexia. The audience for the information is broad and includes but is not limited to parents and families, educators, interventionists or reading teachers, and educational leaders.

Each school district is required to include a link to the informational guidebook on dyslexia and related conditions; the school district link must be available no later than December 1, 2021.

Michael Mooren
Executive Director of Student Services


Danielle Ozimek
Autism Specialist

Michelle Halloran
Student Services Assistant