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As parents and educators, we know there is no work more important that preparing our children to take on the world, and I am excited to be a part of an organization that strives to accomplish this in all of the work we do with our children!

We are a community that recognizes the importance of meeting all children’s academic, social and emotional needs, and endeavor to achieve that goal each and every day by offering academic rigor with appropriate levels of support. We also have a variety of specialists available within our building to support teachers and students, including math, literacy, research and digital learning, gifted and talented, and English language learner specialists. Additionally, our building is supported by a full time social-emotional coach to support all students in our building in strengthening their social emotional well-being. Wilson School embraces parents as partners and recognizes that it is through this collaboration that children are able to reach their full potential.

The motto at Wilson is “a place to learn, love, laugh and live,” and it is our hope that the entire community experiences these things each time they enter our school doors. We recognize that students are individuals, with their own talents, interest and strengths; and as such we want to individualize the experience for each.

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Jocelyn Sulsberger, Ph.D.

Jocelyn Sulsberger

Jocelyn Sulsberger, Ph.D.

Liz Streubel
Assistant Principal