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The Mequon-Thiensville School District provides a variety of healthy and tasty meal options daily in partnership with its food service provider, Aramark. Our shared goal is to provide students with a well-balanced meal that also appeals to their tastes, while meeting the guidelines of the USDA's National School Lunch Program.

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Designed to ensure students receive an appealing, balanced meal consisting of foods from all major food groups, the USDA’s standards focus on obtaining calories and other key nutrients from fruits, vegetables, lean protein foods, grains, and milk with proper serving sizes for a student’s age and activity level.

Some of the highlights of our food service program include:
  • No more than 30 percent of calories can come from fat and less than 10 percent from saturated fat.
  • Meals must provide one-third of Recommended Dietary Allowances of protein, vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium. School meals are served in age-appropriate portion sizes.
  • Foods are baked, never fried.
  • Items like rolls or sandwich bread are made with whole-grains.

Read more about Aramark's Wellness Pledge and Nutritional Standards


Is my child required to participate in the school lunch program?

No! Families are encouraged to talk about food choices together, and students are always welcome to bring in a bag lunch from home.

My child has a food allergy. Can they still participate in the school lunch program?

Yes! To help determine which foods you child may select or should avoid, the list of ingredients for each menu item is available to families. Our menus are available through Nutrislice, which is an online tool and app. Access nutrislice in the header or footer sections of the MTSD website. The app is downloadable through your app store. Through this online menu tool, you can click on each menu item to see its ingredients and info such as calories, protein and carb counts, etc. Students and families can also use filtering tools to identify foods that may contain allergens, including milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or shellfish. It is also important to note that we use a rigorous system of kitchen safety measures and staff professional development to mitigate any concerns about cross-contamination of allergens via tools such as cutting boards or utensils. Please feel free to contact Aramark to discuss modifications for your child, or to ask questions.

Molly Bortin
Food Service Director

The menu choices didn't sound healthy to me. Are they?

Aramark's chefs and dietitians strive to create appealing dishes that are also within the rigorous guidelines of the National School Lunch Program. You can find nutrition information for menu items by clicking on that item in the online menu. If you have questions about what is being served, please feel free to contact Aramark!

Molly Bortin
Food Service Director

What are meal prices?

Lunch -grades K-5$2.30 (includes milk)
Lunch - grades 6-12$2.55 (includes milk)
Breakfast - grades 4K-12$1.40
Milk (a la carte)$.30
Reduced lunch - all grades$.40
Reduced breakfast - all grades$.30

How can I add funds to my child's account?

Students use an online lunch accounting system to purchase breakfast or lunch. To make deposits to a student account, parents may place a check with the Student ID number on the envelope and send to the school office by 9 am, or pay online to the student's account at

How can I apply for free or reduced lunch?

All children need healthy meals in order to learn. Please see the application packet to determine if your family is eligible for participation in the free and reduced lunch program.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application Packet

Are there expenses or revenues from the food service program?

All expenses and revenues related to the district’s food service program are in a segregated fund from our general operating budget. Any profit generated through the food service program directly benefits the district, and is put back into the program to improve it.

Can I transfer my recent graduate's funds to a sibling or be reimbursed?

If a graduate has funds remaining in their MySchoolBucks account at the time of graduation, the funds will be automatically shifted to a younger sibling's account. If there are no younger siblings, the school district will mail a check to the family for the amount remaining on the account.

What is Nutrislice?

Students and families now have easy access to menus and nutritional information through Nutrislice digital menus. Through Nutrislice, you can now click on each menu item to see its ingredients and info such as calories, protein and carb counts, etc., allowing you and your child to have conversations about health-related goals. Students and families can also use filtering tools to identify foods that may contain allergens, including milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or shellfish.

For easy access to digital menus, visit your device’s app store and download the Nutrislice app to your mobile device. Links to online menus can also be found in the header and footer sections of the MTSD website and on this page. And for those who prefer the printable PDF menus, you can still find those in the Nutrislice digital menu as well.

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Wellness Pledge

Aramark is committed to improving the health and academic potential of students.

Nutrition Standards

Translating National School Lunch and Breakfast Program standards into meals that students (and parents) will love.

Nutrition Programs

Nutrition education programs designed to encourage development of healthy lifestyle habits and communicate the basics of good nutrition.

Wellness Education

The latest news and information about school meals. Look for our quarterly newsletter, on-the-go nutrition information, and wellness tips.